Broken Bow Policies

Guest Privacy Policy: We respect and are committed to protecting your privacy. Registered guest who may have other guest staying or visiting them are responsible for providing driving directions and entry codes. Rustic Luxury Cabins will not provide this information to anyone other than the person/persons listed on the reservation. We will also not confirm the names of registered guest to anyone other than the person who is listed on the reservation.



Minimum Stays: A 2 night minimum stay is required on reservations. A 3 night stay is required for Federal Recognized Holidays, Christmas week, July 4th week and Spring Break.



One Night Stays: We do not offer one night stays



Driving Directions Please print out our confirmation email with driving directions to each cabin.  Our cabins are mapped in Google Maps, but we have seen some less efficients routes recommended or cell service can be unreliable at times.



Check In/Out: Check in is a self check-in procedure. There is no centralized check-in office. Your reservation will have detailed driving directions and door access codes. Please print reservation confirmation so you will have detailed driving directions. Relying on retrieval via email while in the area is not guaranteed.



Check In: 3:00pm.  We cannot guarantee an early check-in, however if the cabin is clean and available, we can allow early check with a pre-approval from the office staff. Early check-ins must be arranged prior to your arrival date to ensure our staff can adequately prepare for your check in.


Day of Check In: Please plan your arrival according to check-in times. The times set are based on an adequate amount of cleaning/prep time of the property. When you arrive, the TV and lights will be on welcoming you to the property. Each property is prepped/checked on the day of your arrival. 


Check Out: 11:00am.  The check out time is firm so we may prepare the cabins for our next guests.


Check-out Procedures:

  • Start a load of towels, as this gives the staff a head start on laundry for the next guest. 
  • No need to take linens off of the beds.
  • Please start a load of dishes in the dishwasher.
  • Take trash to the trash receptacles located by the end of the driveway. 
  • Clean out the fridge and throw away any groceries you are not taking with you.
  • Please lock all windows and doors upon your departure from the cabin. 

Creative Escapes Offer Concierge Services: 

  • Special requests to surprise that special someone. (i.e. flowers, wine, gifts)
  • Let us do the grocery shopping for you. Provide your list and we will stock your cabin prior to your arrival
  • Almost any special request you might have
  • Service charge applicable 
  • Click HERE to submit your pre-arrival Request

Firewood: Rustic Luxury Cabins offers enough complimentary firewood year round for at least two fires. During times high fire danger we will notify guest by signage inside of cabin of outside fire bans imposed by the issuing authority. Fire bans may be issued by local authorities and state officials at any time and  are not within our control.  


Quiet Hours: Cabins are to avoid playing excessively loud music outdoors at any time during your stay. Please observe quiet hours from 9:00 P.M. until 7:00 A.M. During the quiet hours loud noises such as shouting, screaming, or playing loud music outside are prohibited by development covenants.   Please note that the cabins in the area are privately owned and is not restricted by our policies. We will attempt to contact the management company or owner of cabins creating loud noises and ask them to contact the cabin to ask them to be quiet. 


Restocking of Supplies: We supply all our guest with ample supplies of paper goods and washing detergents. If additional supplies are needed, please reach out to us to restock anything you may need.


Hot Tubs: All hot tubs are drained and cleaned after each guest visit. Once hot tubs have been filled it will take 3 to 4 hours to fully heat the water. In order to keep check-ins as early as possible your hot tub water may not be at desired temperature upon your arrival.  You can monitor the temperature and it will be rising as the water in the tub heats. If no temperature rise after 30 minutes then please call our housekeeping number. Please do not allow children to get on top of hot tub or Spa covers as they will break. Replacement cost of hot tub covers is $500.00.   Do not use hot tubs if there is thunder and or lightening in the surrounding area.


Weddings: We do not allow weddings or wedding receptions on properties.


Pets: There is a 50lb limit on dogs. There will be a $50.00 per pet applied to dogs. The maximum number of dogs allowed is 2.  Do not allow dogs to get on furniture.  Crate your pet if you leave property.  Animal droppings and excessive cleaning due to pet hair removal will incur additional charges. Larger dogs must be approved by the office and are subject to a Large Dog pet fee if approved. Breed and Weight must be provided at the time of the Large Dog inquiry.  Sorry, but we do not allow cats.


Internet: Internet service through Pine Telephone in Broken Bow, OK is provided at no charge and Rustic Luxury Cabins is not responsible for outages or compatibility with guest computers. Guests may not use the cabin internet service in a manner that violates any local, state, federal or international law or regulation, including but not limited to fraudulent and obscene activity.


Wildlife Encounters: Due to the location of our cabins in forested areas, there is a chance guests will encounter some type of wildlife, insects or stray animals. Each property is professionally treated on a scheduled basis for interior pests, but due to the natural habitation of the forest, no refunds or compensation will be given for any problems resulting from pests inside or outside the cabin. Do not feed animals you may see around the cabin nor permit them to enter the cabin. Do not allow children to play with, pet or feed stray animals. We are not responsible for any wildlife or animal encounters of any kind. Rustic Luxury Cabins is not responsible for medical bills resulting from injuries resulting from encounters with wildlife or stray animals.


Liability: All outdoor activities involve certain inherent risk of injury up to and including death. Every effort will be made to secure and make safe all facilities under our management. It is expressly understood and agreed that neither the owner, nor the management company of said premises, shall be liable for any damages or injury to guest, guest’s guests or their families, or to any of owners property from whatever cause arising from the occupancy or use of the premises by guests and their family and guests. Rustic Luxury Cabins shall not be held liable or responsible for any violation of these terms.


Thank You and Enjoy Your Stay!